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10 Biggest Makeup Mistakes During Makeup

Biggest Makeup Mistakes During Makeup – Doing makeup on the face in the best way is difficult as solving an equation in maths. From makeup brushes to blenders and basic lighting… According to experts, there are many mistakes that we make unknowingly while doing makeup.

10 Biggest Makeup Mistakes During Makeup

We need to be very specific with the makeup products we are using because everyone has a different skin type, and we must choose the products accordingly. But many women make makeup mistakes like choosing the wrong makeup for the wrong skin type and so many other things that should be avoided immediately, or else they will look awful and weird.

Beauty bloggers have tried to make makeup simple with their 1-minute beauty hacks and tips. Despite this, makeup is an art and it is not as easy as it appears in the video.

So to ensure your makeup journey is all smooth sailing, we have listed the biggest makeup mistakes, and why you should avoid these makeup errors.

Biggest Makeup Mistakes

1. Not using Primer or Moisturiser before applying makeup

A face primer use may seem like a gimmick at first, but it is a product that will change your makeup game.Primer is used for helping your makeup last longer. On long days in the heat or a function to attend, a primer helps your makeup stay for a prolonged period of time.

What is the right way to apply primer?

– A couple of minutes after you are done with your skincare, and before beginning your face makeup is when you apply primer.

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2. Using the wrong foundation –

It is important to use a foundation closer to your complexion to get a flawless finish. The best way to check whether the foundation matches your complexion is to apply it along the jawline instead of the hand. The color of your hand is different from your face. Your foundation should be luminous.so Use a foundation that matches your skin tone.

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3. Apply your lipstick the right way –

First of all, decide what kind of makeup you have, light or loud or nude and choose the right lipstick shade for your lips.

Besides, putting on primer and foundation on your lips before you reach for the lipstick, gives you a clean canvas to paint your lips on, and not being mindful about avoiding this common makeup mistake, can give you a smudged, flaky look, and a lip color that just won’t stay. 

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4. Overdoing & wrong shape of your eyebrows –

We should never use a jet black shadow or brow pencil to fill in our brows because it will make them look unrealistic and weird. This is one of the massive makeup failures. We must use shades of brown and gray to fill in our brows to make them look natural.

Our eyes are the most important part of makeup. It is necessary to give the right shape to the eyebrows of the face. However, due to lack of practice, the shape of the eyebrows gets spoiled. Therefore, try to keep the shape of the eyebrows normal. If you want to give the right shape of eyebrows, then use a brush instead of a pencil.

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5. Applying too much eyeshadow –

Always apply eyeshadow with a lightly wet brush. With this, the powder of the eyeshadow will never fall on your face and you will not spoil the base. If you do not want to apply too much eyeshadow and have accidentally applied too much, do not wipe it to reduce, but lighten it with compact powder.

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6. Applying eyeliner with wrong way –

Applying eyeliner is the most difficult task during makeup. Many women are unable to apply eyeliner properly. Here, their shape gets spoiled or it spreads. By the way, many types of eyeliner have started coming into the market. If you are not able to apply liquid eyeliner then you should use pencil or gel eyeliner. If, however, your eyeliner gets messed up, then you should avoid using wet cotton and fix it with a pencil.

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7. Misconception about kajal –

Most of the Ladies believe that by applying kajal, their eyes look bigger, that’s why the obsession of girls and women towards kajal remains.But this is not true, if you really want to make your eyes look bigger, then instead of black kajal, use white or nude kajal.

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8. Using artificial eyelashes –

If you are fond of big eyelashes and you are in a hurry, never apply artificial eyelashes because even by mistake, if they stick to your eyelashes, it will be difficult to remove them. In such a situation, you should apply waterproof mascara to make the eyes look beautiful. While applying mascara, gently apply it on each eyelash.

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9. Putting to much blush on The cheeks –

Match your blush with your skin tone, and lightly sweep the powder down your cheekbones or the apple of your cheeks, depending on the shape of your face. Do remember to add a light touch to the bridge of your nose and your chin to get the perfect rosy skin look, too much blush, the wrong shade of blush or the wrong positioning of your blush can make your face seem garish and gaudy.

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And Not Blending Enough –

Not paying enough attention to blending, can also make your face look cakey, blotchy and just, weird. Instead, include blending as a mandatory step in your makeup routine.

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10. Skipping Out On The Neck Entirely –

Yes, the purpose of make-up is to enhance your face, but a common makeup mistake is sticking to just that part and avoiding makeup application on the neck entirely. Your neck is the second most exposed part of your body after your face and also the one closest to it, and not matching the foundation base on your face with your neck can cause your face to look detached from what’s under the chin. It can also make your neck look like it’s older than your face.

women and girls of all ages like to do makeup to look special . But due to minor mistakes in this, many times she starts looking more than her age. And Before applying makeup, it is very important to know the makeup product better and learn its proper use. Apart from this, it is also important to know which mistakes can spoil our look.

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