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Best 5 Tips to Beautiful Eyes

Tips to Beautiful Eyes- Our eyes are the most important part of makeup. It is necessary to give the right shape to the eyebrows of the face. However, due to lack of practice, the shape of the eyebrows gets spoiled. Therefore, try to keep the shape of the eyebrows normal. If you want to give the right shape of eyebrows, then use a brush instead of a pencil.

Best 5 Tips to Beautiful Eyes

Best 5 tips to beautiful eyes

1. Healthy eating is key to beautiful eyes. Carrots, spinach, broccoli, avocado, sunflower seeds and garlic are all great for your eyes as well. 

2. Pick the right Eyewear, if you ‘re a glasses person who depends on Eyewear to see ! Then make sure you are picking the right and comfortable Eyeglasses for your face shape. 

3. You can also place cold tea bags on your eyes to help keep them beautiful. Place tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes to eliminate puffiness and grayness.

4. Choose the right makeup tools for make beautiful eyes :-

Your most important makeup tools for beautiful eyes are –

Concealer – You can dab concealer underneath your eye to eliminate dark circles.you have also use face concealer.

Eyeshadow –

Best 5 Tips to Beautiful Eyes
  • Apply a primer or compact over your eyelids to prime them.
  • Pick up the shadow with a brush and dust off the excess. 
  • Apply the color on the eyelid and blend till no rough edges remain.
  • To apply eyeshadow to make beautiful eyes, mix the matte and metallic shades.

We recommend this product – Swiss Beauty Ultimate 9 Pigmented colors Eyeshadow Palette Long wearing and Easily Blendable Eye makeup Palette Matte

Eyelash curler – Curling your lashes can make your eyes appear larger and brighter.  There are several ways to do this: Curl your eyes with a curler.

We recommend this products – Easily Roll Over Small Eyelashes & Loaded Spring – Eyelashes Comb For Women

False eyelashes — Put on False eyelashes for a beautiful eye makeup look.Make sure you are picking the right eyelashes for your face shape. For a natural look, use only the short- and medium-sized lashes and spread them up along your lash line, sticking as close to the roots as possible. Once the glue has dried, go over them with mascara to make them blend in with your natural lashes.

Best 5 Tips to Beautiful Eyes

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Light Eyeliner – Light eyeliner can reflect light, therefore making your eyes look beautiful.  

We recommend this products – Eye Define Auto Kajal Longwear And Smudge Proof, Eye Makeup

Mascara – who doesn’t love mascara? A few coats of mascara can give you thick, dark lashes that can give you super pretty eyes. 

We recommend this products – blue heaven cosmetic blue haven mascara(6.5ml) & eyeliner water proof

5. You should Always keep This thing, if your face makeup is very loud, then keep the eyes simple and if the eye makeup is more bold and loud, then keep the face makeup light.

Your eyes are the most noticeable feature of your face. Just about every woman wishes to be told that she’s got beautiful eyes ( pay attention men,  if you are reading this) .You might have seen a lot of ladies go to great lengths in order to pretty up their eyes, like using contact lenses to change the color of their eyes or making use of makeup to enhance their appearance.

How to Make Eyes Beautiful Without Makeup

Use these safe and affordable products to make beautiful eyes. 

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