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How to Write SEO Friendly Post

Hello friends, today in this post I am telling about how to write SEO Friendly Post, so read the post till the end, after that you will also be able to write SEO Friendly Post in your blog.

How to Write SEO Friendly Post

To bring your post to the top of the search result, we have to publish SEO Friendly Post in our blog, only then our Post Search will appear at the top in the result and more visitors will come to our blog.

All bloggers want our blog post to appear only at the top of the first page or search result, so that more visitors come to our blog and if you want to bring your post to the top of the search result, so publish SEO friendly Post on your blog. So let’s first know about SEO Friendly Posts.

What is SEO Friendly Post –

SEO’s full name is Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization is also called SEO. SEO Friendly Posts are posts that are made completely SEO Friendly, in simple words, SEO Friendly posts that are well optimized for Search Engine So that Search Engine easy Crawl your post, and bring your posts top in Search Results.

SEO is an important contributor to bringing Post to the first page in Search Engine. If we want to bring traffic from Google Search to our blog, then we have to make all posts in our blog SEO friendly so that Search Engine can easily access our posts and Can show it in the search result.

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Search Engine can easily crawl SEO Friendly Post, and when Search Engine is able to access our posts easily, it means that our post will rank fast, then let’s know about some important tips for writing SEO Friendly Post.

How to write SEO Friendly Post in Blog –

To publish SEO Friendly Post in Blog, I am sharing some tips here, using which you will be able to make your post SEO Friendly.

1. Select Attractive Title –

Before writing a post, select a good title for each post.

At the time of making the post title, you do not have to make the title too big and too short, you have to keep your post title between 45 and 60 characters.

2. Add Search Description –

Search description is also known as description and Search description is very important for SEO, so you must add Search description in all the posts of your blog.

While writing the post search description, you must also add the target keyword to the description.

3. Add Target Keyword in Title –

The target keyword on which you are writing the post, you have to add the target keyword to the title.

4. Use Custom Permalink (URL) –

The URL of the post is very important, any post is identified with the help of the URL, so you do not make the post URL too short and too big and keep in mind that you have to use the target keyword in the URL.

5. Use Images –

Whatever post you are writing, you must add images related to your post.

6. Rename Images –

Whatever images you want to upload in your post, first change the name of all the images and set the name of the image that matches your post.

Many times we put Screenshot in our post and the name of the screen-shot is something like this 0004455120135 It is not right for SEO, so if you are adding such an image to your post, first of all you rename it and Set a name that matches your post title.

7. Use ALT Tag –

With the help of ALT Tag, search engines can easily identify images, so you have to use ALT Tag in all images to be added to your post.

8. Use Headings –

While writing the post, definitely add different headings in the post, Headings are also called (heading, subheading, minor) and (<h1>, <h2>,…….<h6>), so you must use Headings in your post.

9. Add Target Keywords on Headings –

Whatever Headings you are using in your post, add Target Keywords to the Headings so that your post will get more benefit from Headings.

10. Do Not Use Different URL –

The URL of the post you are writing should not be different from the title of the post. To make the URL SEO Friendly, you have to keep your URL similar to the title of the post.

Bad URL Example –

Title –

How to Write SEO Friendly Post



Seo Friendly URL Example –

Title –

How to Write SEO Friendly Post



11. Make User Friendly Post –

Just as it is very important to write SEO Friendly posts to bring the post to the top of the search result, similarly it is very important to write the post as User Friendly only then our post will be fully SEO Friendly.

To make the post user friendly, you have to try to write a good post, whatever you want to tell through the post, then whatever users read your post can easily understand what you want to explain through the post.

12. Add Target Keywords Important Place –

There is such an important place in the post where it is very important to use Target Keywords, only then our post becomes fully SEO Friendly.

Important Place to Add Target Keywords –

A. Add Target Keyword to the title of the post.

B. Add Target Keyword to Headings.

C. Use the Target Keyword in the first paragraph of the post.

D. Use Target Keyword in the middle of the post.

E. Use the Target Keyword at the end of the post.

F. Use the Target Keyword in the URL.

G. Use Target Keyword in Description

H. Use Target Keyword in Image ALT Tag.

I. Use the Target Keyword in the name of the image.

13. Keyword Research –

Before writing a post, you must do Keyword Research for the post and if possible select Low Competition and High Search Volume Keyword.

With Keyword Research, we can find out which keyword is searched more and accordingly we can write our post.

14. Make Fully Original Post –

Any post that you write in your blog should be an original post written by you, never copy any post from anywhere.

15. Write 1000+ Word Post –

Whose posts you are writing, there should be at least 1000+ words.

16. Keyword Density –

While writing the post, we also have to take care of the keyword density and we have to keep 2% to 2.5% keyword density in our post.

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Friends, by following all these SEO Tips, you can also make your post SEO Friendly and can write SEO Friendly Post in your blog, I hope you will like this post and must have got to learn something new, friends. If you liked this post please share with your friends.

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