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What is SSD? and Types of SSD

SSD is such a word that you heard somewhere if you have a computer or thinking of getting one and you must have done some research about the computer, then somewhere Must have heard about ssd, today we will know about SSD.

What is SSD? and Types of SSD

When we go to the market to buy computers and laptops, shopkeepers show us many computer laptops, then they tell us that this laptop has SSD, but it does not have SSD. And accordingly the price of those computers and laptops also increases and decreases. (what is ssd)

What is SSD? (What is Solid State Drive) –

(What is SSD) – The full name of the SSD is Solid State Drive, which is also called SSD in short. SSD is also used to store data like hard disk and in SSD hard disk More data can be stored and its speed is also higher than that of hard disk.

The SSD also looks like a hard disk, but in the SSD there is neither a rotating motor or a spinning disk. In SSD (Integrated Circuit) is used as memory to store data.

SSD is also made of semiconductor just like RAM, but SSD is the exact opposite of RAM, data is stored permanently in SSD. For example – the way we store data in pen drive memory cards, in the same way we store data in SSD, but the difference is so much that more data can be stored in SSD.

SSD does not contain any mechanical parts, so an embedded processor, also called a controller, is used to read and write data, with the help of which data is read and written. And the controller is used to control the speed of the SSD.

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Whatever decisions the controller in the SSD, such as whether to store the data, retrieve the data, bring the data into memory and erase it all play an important role in determining the speed of the drive. 

(What is Ssd) After knowing what is SSD, now we will know how many types of SSD there are.

Types of SSD –

SSD is available in a variety of forms which are divided according to their connectivity and speed.

  1. M.2 SSD
  1. 4.SSHD


This type of SSD looks exactly like a laptop hard disk which supports the common SATA connector. Just like the hard disk also supports the SATA connector.

This is the common form of SSD that you can identify by looking at and this type of SSD came first in the market and is still available. This type of SATA SSD is mainly used in desktop computers. check SATA SSD Price.


mSATA SSD means Micro SATA SSD. This type of SSD is much smaller and different from normal SSD, it looks like normal RAM and cannot be used in every computer.

To use mSATA SSD in a computer, it is necessary to have mSATA port in the computer, so this type of SSD is mainly used in laptops.  Check mSATA SSD Price.

3. M.2 SSD –

M.2 SSD looks exactly like Micro SATA SSD but this is its latest version. Can be used by connecting both ways. Check M.2 SSD Price.

4. SSHD –

SSHD cannot be completely called SSD because this type of SSHD is a combination of Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive, in which some memory is of SSD and some memory is of Hard Disk Drive.

SSHD is not completely SSD, meaning that it is something between SSD and hard disk and it is used in normal laptops.

Features (Qualities) of SSD –

SSD has many features (Qualities) of its own which are as follows.

1. The speed of the SSD is higher than the hard disk drive, due to which it can read and write data at a higher speed. Due to the high speed of the SSD, its Access time is too short.

2. The SSD does not contain any mechanical parts.

3. It also reduces the consumption of electrical energy so that this Low power also gives good performance.

4. SSD does not contain any moving part, due to which its life is longer.

Today, in this post we have learned about what is SSD and what are the types of SSD. I hope now you have understood well about SSD.

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What is SSD? Types of SSD?, Types of SSD.

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